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 The Company

Since 1961, Jhalani Tools (India) Ltd., has
been manufacturing superior quality flat
wrenches and other hand tools from selected
grades of steel.
    The family Jhalani had been actively
engaged in forging, foundry, imports &
related business for over 2 1/2 centuries
when K.K. Jhalani joined the family
business in 1946.
    Started as a means of import substitution
and using advanced technical and engineering
expertise initially developed by our former
West German associate, we have grown into a
large monolith comprising of 6 modern
factories at four different locations, employing
5000 workers and having capacity to produce
over 90 million flat wrenches annually. It
dwarfs other Indian hand tool companies -
the second largest company in India being
smaller than any one of JTI's 6 factories.
    A family-managed enterprise, Jhalani Tools
through its imposing offices in New Delhi-
sells to as many as 80 countries every year.
The largest hand tool manufacturer in India,
it is also the largest flat wrench maker in the
free world.


Our Corporate Heritage goes back a million years

You can say our product development started
the day man started to become human.
Our design specifications improved
as he went on using tools to hunt, farm,
build homes, roads, factories and spaceships.
We became India's largest handtool makers.
And the largest exporters and manufacturers of
flat wrenches in the free world.
Today we employ a 5000 plus workforce. Our tools
are manufactured in 6 mammoth plants that dwarf
other Indian handtool companies. Our products are
exported to over 80 countries. And over One Billion
Jhalani Tools are now in use around the world.
With a formidable reputation of
unmatched quality, trust and durability.
We think the real credit for our success
goes to the first true human.
Who reached out to reshape the world around him
with the tools of civilization.
Because he designed the original prototype.


  • 35 Years of experience.

  • 6 Factories, spread over 350,000 sq. mts.

  • 7 Warehouses.

  • 90 million. Our capacity of forged hand tools.

  • 5000 Workforce.

  • 52 Drop forge hammers, supported by tool room,
    machine shop as well as electroplating.

  • World wide marketing network spanning over 80 countries.